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How to craft the perfect post for Facebook?

Every social network is unique. Each audience has particular expectations. Each platform has its own character limits and image sizes recommendations. But how is it possible to create specific messages for each network when you already lack the time and resources to create just one?

Getting Started with Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is what allows the merchant you've just visited the site to show targeted ads in your Facebook news feed. Interested in increasing the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns? Well, let's see how to create and install your own pixel.

Find the most shared content with BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo  is a tool that allows you to find the most shared content across all the main social networks and to get relevant information about the people who relay the content and the influencers for a target audience. In other words, it is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to get started in web marketing, specifically in content marketi...

10 platforms to start a blog

A blog is a personal website that presents information diary-like. Whether you're talking about travelling, cooking, family stuff or music, the principle remains the same: you publish news, links to other blogs or websites, pictures or writings through a publication tool allowing you to manage the layout of your content. Most of the time, a blog...

Get started with Google Analytics

So you've just created your website? Good for you! But without analytics, you are only half way through. How will you measure and optimize the performance of your site if you have no data to do it? A web analytics tool, like Google Analytics, will allow you to track the number of visitors to your site, the most visited pages, traffic sources, bo...

5 minutes to install 5 really useful Chrome extensions

Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. It is also an extensions management system that allows us to add many features to the browser, such as blocking Web site advertising or providing Web development tools. Here are 5 extensions that will make your life easier 😃

Landing pages [2/3] - Choosing a tool

Landing pages are key to any digital marketing strategy. As explained in this article , with these conversion pages you can do many things, from building an email list to selling products or optimizing your SEO. According to Hubspot, conversion rates are anywhere from 5% to 15% for typical landing pages while some optimized pages can reach conv...

Why your small business really needs a blog?

Digital marketing is a great opportunity for any small business to build its audience at a lower-cost. But is it possible to start a blog when one already has trouble with its Facebook page?

Landing pages [1/3] - An essential tool for SMBs digital marketing

Landing pages are supposedly more efficient and easier to design than a full-blown website. One cannot consider capturing email without them. Do they represent the solution to any marketing strategy lacking results? And, most importantly, do you need them in your marketing strategy? Yes because landing pages are optimized to increase your chance...

Google My Business, a free website for your business

Google officially launched its free website builder within Google My Business. Is this tool for you? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of this new Google feature.