You should know by now that digital marketing is, by far, the most cost-effective marketing option for any small business.

But, if content marketing doesn’t require you to have an existing audience to build a community, you won't see the results of your blog right away. And still, generating revenue isn't a long-term option!

What should you do? Try another marketing strategy? Invest all your resources in social media marketing?

Why a Service page?

That's it, you're almost done. After several weeks spent refining your homepage, your website is almost ready. All there is left is the "Service" page, which will be written in no time. Wrong!

Your Service page is the description and definition of your business. As such, it deserves as much, if not more, attention than any other sections on your site. A killer page will convince a visitor to do business with you. A bad one will only encourage him to seek help from your competitors.


There is a lot to say in a Service page. Describing what you have to sell of course. But also, and most importantly, the benefits. Customers must quickly understand what they will benefit from by appealing to your services (also known as unique selling proposition).

Key features for a killer Service page


  • Be dynamic, use an active voice and action verbs.
  • Stay true to yourself, choose a language that matches your brand image.
  • Pay attention to your visuals, especially if you use pictures and / or video to describe your services.
  • Stay clean and simple, remove anything that might distract a visitor.
  • Sell your point by using testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Be specific on how to get in touch with you.
  • If possible, clearly indicate the cost of your services, especially if you have a pricing package.
  • Integrate a FAQ section to reassure your most worried customers.

Now it's your turn!

That being said, it is time to start!

Once this page will be written, the rest of your content marketing strategy will appear much clearer.

It's all about getting started 😉 💪