Content Discovery or how to identify content that works?

Maintaining a blog is not an easy thing to do. Regular publication of articles requires time, both for drafting and for upstream research. So when you have to choose what to write, why not put all the chances on your side by identifying the contents that have already proved themselves?

To easily identify this type of content, just enter a keyword in BuzzSumo to see which content got the most shares on social networks. Several filter levels are available to specify your search results, including time period, content type, the name of a particular domain or author.

It is also possible to identify the popularity of a specific content by social network, which allows you to choose the platform on which to promote a particular type of content.

Brand Monitoring or how to keep you on top of new and trending content?

BuzzSumo allows you to set up alerts that will send you a notification as soon as anybody mentions your brand, a chosen keyword, a competitor or a targeted domain. It is therefore an excellent tool to set up a powerful monitoring system and to keep you on top of new and trending content.

By following all the content published by a targeted author (a journalist for example), you can easily know what to say to attract his attention.

You can get daily digests or real time email alerts.

Among the other features offered by BuzzSumo, let's mention the possibility of comparing your company with those of your competitors. Simply enter 2 domains you want to compare to receive a report that will show you for each site how many articles have been shared, and the number of shares for each content.