How to craft the perfect post for Facebook?

Every social network is unique. Each audience has particular expectations. Each platform has its own character limits and image sizes recommendations. But how is it possible to create specific messages for each network when you already lack the time and resources to create just one?

Why tailor your content to each social network?

It's no secret that those who succeed on social media change their message from one network to another. Modifying a message does not mean creating multiple publications ... The trick is precisely to publish one article and to change the way you introduce it on each chosen network. This could mean:

  • Add hashtags for publications on Twitter and Instagram
  • Write a longer description on Linkedin and Google+
  • Focus on storytelling for a publication on Facebook

Having a single voice and sharing content with a message targeted to the right audience on the right network can make a huge difference in the amount of engagement your messages will get. Let's see what a perfect post on Facebook should look like. Google+, Twitter and Linkedin will be covered next.

Create the perfect Facebook post

By choosing the right editorial line

Facebook is above all a medium of entertainment. Direct promotion and formal publications should instead give way to short, informative or creative content, playing on emotions and added value.

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By choosing the right post length

A Facebook post is now limited to 63,206 characters ... It is long. Like 20 pages long ... This maybe explains why publications of 80 characters or less usually received an engagement on average 66% higher.

However, a National Public Radio study found that if their short messages (less than 120 characters) had higher click-through rates, longer messages (280 characters or more) received more clicks for "View more".

This being said, do not be afraid to experiment with post length to see what works best according to your goals.

By maintaining your readers engaged

You are unlikely to attract the attention of your audience by introducing your latest article with a long monotonous description. Questions, however, have a more engaging side and are a great way to challenge your readers.

Bullet lists also work well to introduce the context of a publication while retaining some mystery on the content itself.

Another way of introducing an article without saying too much is to use a quotation or a short extract highlighting some interesting facts.

And why not include some emojis too? While this might not be ideal for any audience, a Hubspot study has shown emojis can increase numbers of likes by 57%, comments, and actions by 33%! 

In any case, avoid the "Share if you like" ranting messages. Facebook could easily spot them and make them totally invisible.

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By using native Facebook videos

Whether it's classic or live videos, the native Facebook format provides far greater reach than any other types of video.

For a classic video, the native Facebook format could multiply your reach by 3 or 4, with equal engagement rates. A recent study by Quintly also demonstrated higher engagement rates of 109.67% for the native Facebook format compared to the Youtube format.

No wonder then that 85% of videos are now shared on Facebook using its native format.

By using the right image formats

  • Ideal size for a photo shared as a publication: 1200 x 630 pixels

    -> will be displayed with a maximum of 470 pixels in the News Feed
    -> will be displayed with a maximum of 504 pixels on a page

  • Ideal size of an image as "shared link": 1200 x 627 pixels 

  • Size of the cover photo of a Facebook page: 828 x 315 pixels to avoid any deformation (jpg or png)

  • Size of a Facebook profile photo: at least 180 x 180 pixels (the picture will be displayed in 160 x 160 pixels) 

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Pro tip 😉

Don't be afraid to remove the links you share! Once your link is copied and the sharing preview is generated by Facebook, you can remove the link without it disappearing from the publication. This is a good way to keep your readers' attention in the right place!