So, you have a startup hypothesis?

Here are 10 Experiments to Test Your Startup Hypothesis.

The article, "Ten Experiments To Test Your Startup Hypothesis", was written by David Teten, a Mentor for the New York Founder Institute, as well as a Partner at ff Venture Capital. It has been republished with permission by The Founder Institute.


Why It’s So Hard to Get People to Support Your Startup (and What You Can Do About It!)

"In general, startups are super hard. If this is your first startup, it gets more complex because of double-uncertainty – a) you don’t know whether your startup has legs and b) you don’t know whether YOU can pull this off successfully."

- Rajesh Setty.

Rajesh Setty, is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author who's mission in life is "to bring good ideas to life." Rajesh is also a Mentor for the Bangalore Founder Institute.

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My Advice for First-Time Entrepreneurs

"The number one reason why I think so many businesses fail so quickly is because they don’t realize how hard it is, how “all in” you have to be, and how much talent it takes to be a successful entrepreneur."

- Gary Vaynerchuk

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No one will steal your startup idea...

This might sound weird but, really, no one will steal your idea ... So share it and learn !

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Startup Advice for New Entrepreneurs

A selection of the best advice for new entrepreneurs from over 100 Product Hunt LIVE Chats.