Posting a picture, so far so good.


Uploading a picture on Facebook works fine. But a post won't cover pictures, text and videos together. What then? Give up? Starting a blog for a one-time thing? Discover the power of tyling!

img tyls

For those who already made a tyl, you can skip this part, you know where I'm getting at.

For those who don't know what a tyl is, let me introduce you to Tylio.


(aka multimedia posts for all)


Tylio allows you to quickly and easily craft your content into beautiful eye-catching visuals, ready to share everywhere.

No need to worry about choosing a template that won't fit or staring at a blank canvas not knowing where to start. In short, do not bother with technical details, of any kind.

Just mix content, socialize and gain visibility.

img tyls

A touch of magic


Tylio provides a new way for consumers and businesses to communicate and express themselves with stunning one-pagers designed, built and published in seconds from the content they drop.

Our mission is to build AI-powered technology to simplify and automate the process of publishing Web pages. We aim for the simplicity and speed of social network, with the power and beauty of HTML, at a fraction of legacy costs.

Our vision is a world where contextualized Web publishing truly is accessible to all, capable of relaying and capturing human emotions through media-rich online experiences.

Tyling in 3 easy steps

1) Drop your content

Pictures, videos, text, links, maps or more coming soon.

2) Make it look good

Discover the many versions prepared for you. Refine style and layout in a few single clicks.

3) Share it everywhere

Social networks, chats, private emails, you name it.

So why Tylio?

Hopefully you will now agree that Tylio is making eye-catching media-rich visuals accessible for all by reinventing Web publishing as something FUN, FAST and EASY.


Should you still need to be convinced of the usefulness of a tyl versus any type of post on any other social network, let me say it this way ...


1) Tyling is as easy and fast as making a post on Facebook ... but is also as multimedia-rich and design as a website can be. Tylio does not restrict you in the variety and / or the quantity of content allowed in one tyl. In fact, it's the other way around ... the more the merrier :-)

2) Tylio is not another wall-garden platform. On the contrary, it's purpose is to allow you to build bridges. And with social interactions directly on your tyls, it will very soon be even more fun.

3) Simplicity and accessibility drive all our decisions. Creating, editing, even duplicating ... Tylio's mission is to empower Web creativity in your day-to-day.

4) A tyl exists as long as you want it to. No need to recreate a post from scratch, just reshare your short link. You can even update a tyl knowing your friends / family / clients / audience always see the latest version you published.

5) Last, but not least, we all know visual content gets more engagement than any other type. Therefore Tylio gives you professional designs that will look amazing on any device. No fuss.

If you have questions or comments, it will be my pleasure to answer them via email or directly on social networks.

If you think Tylio is a nice tool to highlight your content, please take 5 minutes to put Tylio in the spotlight of your own networks.

Many thanks for reading this :-)

COO of Tylio