What type of digital presence in 2017?

Websites, social media and blogs are today's digital necessity. Can we choose one rather than the other? Not really ...

Knowing that 96% of Canadians can be reached through Google, websites are no longer an option but a necessity to be visible as soon as an Internet user begins his search for information. But unless you have time and technical skills, a website is often a static showcase that does not generate traffic by itself. 

At first glance, a blog is more of a time investment than a cash machine. And the results are so intangible at first that giving up is tempting ... But, used in a good content marketing strategy, a blog can consistently generate traffic, create leads and ultimately generate revenue.

Nothing you cannot do with your Facebook page? That might have been true but it no longer is today. Not when we know that in 2016 only, the organic range of Facebook publications has decreased by half!

The decline of social media

In February 2016, the average organic range of Facebook pages was 10.86%, all publications combined. For the same period, the engagement rate was 4.9%. So, if you had an audience of 100 people, less than one person would have therefore engaged on your publication unless you invest (significant) money in paid advertising campaigns. But that's another story ...


Why should you start a blog?

The short version is to say that a blog is a cost effective way to promote your business while developing your online presence beyond your website and social media.

In other words, what are the benefits of creating and maintaining a blog?

Position yourself as an expert in your field

A blog is an ideal medium to build your brand in the long term. By providing your readers with meaningful insights, you demonstrate real expertise while being useful for your audience.

Be careful, however, not to fall into the trap of easy general content. Sharing an expertise related to your field of activity is one thing. Commenting on the weather is by far less attractive!

Boost your SEO

By regularly publishing content on your blog, you remind its existence to Google and other search engines. Each new indexed page participates in your SEO, totally free.

A business blog represents 97% more links to your website. By publishing relevant content on your blog, you are gradually becoming a reference in your field. And because Google considers each shared content as a recommendation attesting of its quality, it will adjust your ranking accordingly. These are the famous inbound links!

Finally, spreading your content on social media can attract a wide new audience. Which means extra traffic and better visibility ...

Retain your audience and build your community

Positioning yourself as an expert is one thing, but keeping your audience with interesting and non-promotional content is another ... that a blog allows you to do. New service offering, product launch, changes within your business are opportunities to stay in touch with your audience and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

Thinking about long-term marketing

A blog represents the core element of a good content marketing strategy. Its goal? To catch the eye of your audience through informative or entertaining content, without interfering in their browsing experience and without prompting them to take action immediately.

With the general decrease in marketing budgets, the rise in the costs of paid web actions and the rejection of intrusive advertising forms by Internet users, small businesses must rethink their marketing actions over the long term.

By combining SEO and PPC advertising, creation of a qualified prospect base, creation of original content and distribution of these contents on social media, content marketing makes it possible to centralize your communication while developing your customer base in a sustainable way.

Monetize your efforts

B2B companies who have a blog attract 67% more prospects.

One of the biggest advantages of blogging is being able to attract high quality prospects even when you are not working!

It is said a user needs at least 7 interactions with a brand before being receptive to any promotional message. While the average lifespan of a publication on your Facebook page does not exceed 15 hours, a blog allows you to reach your prospects repeatedly. Even articles dating from several months ago are likely to attract traffic when they answer a question frequently asked by Internet users.


Are you now convinced a blog is the missing link between your website and your social media? Great!

How can you stay focused and motivated to maintain a blog? 😱 😭

We'll discuss this in our next article. To be continued 😃